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Sugar ERPs
  1. Agriculture information systems
  2. Online Weight Bridge System
  3. Cane billing system, Harvesting & Transport system well known as ‘Khedut Mandal’
  4. Deposit system for members and non-members
  5. Loan system
  6. Share Holder System
  7. Store and godown Inventory and accounting
  8. purchase information system
  9. Sugar sale system
  10. Bi-product sale system (Bagasse, Molasses, Pressmud etc.)
  11. Time office system
  12. Payroll system
  13. Financial Accounting System
  14. Fertilizer & pesticide sale system
  15. Laboratory system
  16. Diesel Pump system
  17. OPD ( Dispensary)
  18. Manufacturing report system
  19. Reporting in multi languages i.e. English ,Gujarati and other
  20. Other development as per requirement.
General and Cenvat Account

   Our Accounting package consist of general accounting, CENVAT and other TAX calculations (Updated as per rules of govt. of INDIA and other bodies), multi user, compatible for LAN connections (Unlimited Nodes), Cheque Printing facility (All Bank’s cheque setting available), Easy views for outstanding of venders and customers, Reports for day to day transactions and final financial reports in various style. Very convenient for CAs and accountants. And most important is we are ready to customize our package as per your requirements.

Customer Oriented Software Development

We are ready to develop application software as per your requirements.

Inventory Management like Menufecturing,Textile etc

      We have Textile machine Mfg. & inventory package which include whole process from raw materials incomings to final finished product outgoings. It consists of maintenance of job given to the engineers. Reports for supervisor level to top management level, online condition of the goods and process.
      Payroll manager includes Staff maintenance like list, designation etc. it’s an automatic salary calculator as per inputs. You can calculate thousands of employees’ salary within a minute; all provisions of allowances, Salary slip printing, other payroll related reports.

Any Co.-op. Sector like Credit Soceity, Dairy etc

      Co-operative sector is our core competence. We are offering total solution for the co-operative sector unit. Our Co-operative ERP consists of

  1. Member & share master and maintenance, Dividend calculation and warrant printing, I-card Printing.
  2. Loan master and maintenance, Balance books, Dhiran Registers, Day books, Interest Calculations, Passbooks in different formats, NPA calculations and status, automatic notice printing to defaulters.
  3. Fix deposit and call deposit master and maintenance, Balance book of deposits, Deposit due register, payment register of deposits, interest calculation for deposits, automatic updating of interest to the ledgers, Deposit Break interest calculation, Passbook for Deposits, FD print in your format, Deposit Register.
  4. Saving Account master and maintenance, daybook and balance book of savings account, Interest calculations and interest register for savings accounts.
  5. Recurring account master and maintenance, Balance books and payment registers of recurring account, automatic updating of interest in ledgers, Passbooks printing. We have the full proof security of data. Reports are in dual language i.e. English and Gujarati. We are ready to modify our product as per your requirements. We are offering this product in multi languages i.e. English and Gujarati.
Weight Bridge Manager

      We are offering separate package for commercial weight bridge. Include automatic capture weight from the weight bridge’s indicator. This package has weight-bill printing facility. and very good trekker for the vehicles coming for weight.

Brokerage Manager

      We are offering the great product especially for the grain and the oil traders. SODA register, Brokerage calculation is there in this product. Bill generating, bill printing and brokerage calculation are the main features of this product.

School and Coaching class Management System

      We have a great product Called student’s management system. Which includes standards and classes, students master and maintainer, Fees collector and receipt printing, multi user and LAN based, LC Printing, General registers, other reports as per the requirements.

Departmental / Super Stores

      We have fully computerized super market management package. This package includes Item Master and maintenance, Broker maintenance, Bill of materials and reorder point notice display. Bank reconciliation, Scheme master and maintenance, partner profit sharing for partnership firm, cheque printing facility, Purchase Sales maintenance, delivery challan and automatic generating of bills from challan, online sales and purchase status view, ledgers of venders and costumes, VAT reports, Final Reports, Daily reports, SODA maintainer, Inventory manager , price list print and many more.       This package is multi user so it’s convenient for the more then one cash counters. It has barcode printing and read facility so its very easy to make bills and inward the inventory. This is fully online that’s why one can easily keep on eye on the status of the trading.


We are commited to accept the change of technology. We have accelance in desktop applications. It only have the satisfied clients as marketing tool. We have always the co-operative attitude, that’s why we started with the co-operative sector. Today,we have so many wel-known co-operative societies in surat city and near SURAT (GUJARAT, India) rural area as satisfied clients.


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